Messages de soutien des associations FESPA

L’association FESPA France fait partie de l’organisation internationale FESPA qui regroupe au total 38 associations dans le monde entier.

Suite aux attentats à Paris le 13 novembre 2015, nous avons reçu plusieurs messages de soutien que nous voulions partager avec vous…

Pensées pour Jean-Jacques Amiot, imprimeur sérigraphie parmi les victimes du Bataclan – Article sur Caractè

Association Indienne : Screen Printers Association of India (SPAI)
SPAI Board & all it’s Members are with you all, at this time of trauma & agony that France is going through !!!!
Bhargav Mistry
Association Sri Lankaise : Sri Lanka Association of Printers
Dear French Friends,
Our thoughts and Sympathies are with those who were injured and those who have lost relatives, friends and loved ones
Trust our prayers in this difficult time will ease their sorrow.
” Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” – Matthew 5:4
Members –SLAP

Association Sud Africaine : Printing S.A.
To our French Colleagues
May I add the South African Printers’ voice of condolence for the loss of your loved ones. It is my prayer that God will protect you in these uncertain times and provide you with healing.
Be assured of our love and prayers at all times.
Steve Thobela
CEO – Printing SA

Association Australienne : SGIAA
To our French friends and colleagues,
On behalf of all Australians, may I convey our deepest thoughts and prayers to you all at this terrible time.
Best regards,

Association Anglaise : FESPA UK
A picture speaks a thousand words

Association Italienne : FESPA Italia
Dear French colleagues and friends,
I am really astonished for the drama of last night.
My self and all the staff of Fespa Italia are close of all of you.
We embrace all of you for the death of your loved ones.
With esteem and affection

Association Turque : ARED
we pray for France and any country is experiencing the Wrath of terrorist and hatred…

Association FESPA basée en Angleterre
on behalf of the team in Reigate our thoughts and prayers are with you and Michel and the whole of the French people.


Association Bulgarienne : Bulgarian Association for Contemporary Graphics and Printing
Dear Michel and Christophe, our prayers are with you.
A picture from the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria.
bulgarie paris

Association Mexicaine : Canagraf
Dear French Friends:
There are not enough words to describe the sadness I am feeling right now.
It is amazing that this continues to happen. All religions maxima is to love eachother, it is some humans that twist this to their convenience.
Please now that although we are far away, we are close in thought, pray and heart.
Daniel Sunderland

Association Japonaise : Japanese Screen and Digital Printers Association (JSDPA)
Dear French Friends,
We are seriously frightened with sincere sorrow to know the awfully horrible and unbelievable terrorism this time. We, as a group of Japanese, present our deepest condolence to those who suffered, and do hope that the French people will get over this tragedy as soon as possible.

Association Portugaise : Apigraf
Apigraf shares the solidarity thoughts regarding those affected by terrorist attacks, and all through our media the Portuguese people and our representatives express the same. Our hearts and minds are sincerely with you.
Association Thalandaise : TSGA
We were deeply saddened to learn of the tragic situations in Paris.
We extend our deepest  condolences to the victims and their loved ones.
We truly hope that the situation will resume to normal at the earliest
Yours sincerely
Mr. Phongdej Sajarattanachote
TSGA President
Thai Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging association

Association Belge : Febelgra
A part de Febelgra, nous voulons vous exprimer nos regrets et souhaiter beaucoup de courage et support dans ce temps difficile pour la France. Il était (et toujours reste) un grand choque et il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire les choses qui sont passées. Nous pensons à vous.

Olympus digital camera

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